Loaded Magazine

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Adam Weinstein on the un-specialness of feeling poor.

If I had a dollar for every older writer or editor who confided to me that “I don’t know how young writers do it today; I certainly couldn’t,” I could buy every property that publishes them.

So no, we shan’t be doing as well as our parents, and no, we shan’t be shutting up about it. If anything, those of us who have been cowed into silence because college-educated poor problems aren’t real poor problems should shed our fears and start talking about just how hard it really is out there, man.

This state of affairs does not exist because we’re entitled and have simply declined to work as hard as the people that birthed us. American workers have changed from generation to generation: Since 1979, the alleged Dawn of the Millennial, the average U.S. worker has endured a 75 percent increase in productivity…while real wages stayed flat.

Boston Review

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The Atlantic

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Departures (online)

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The Walrus (blog)

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Crossed Genres

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Parenting Magazine (print)

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Next City

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The Billfold

"Doesn’t pay."

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